Speed Triple gets added 'R' for 2012

Following the formula...

THERE'S long been a simple trick in the Italian motorcycle industry. Take a bike, add high-end Brembos and Ohlins kit to it plus special paint, lightweight wheels and a smattering of carbon fibre and market it as an expensive 'R' version.

And now Triumph has clearly cottoned on to the same idea, following the Street Triple R and Daytona 675R with this, the Speed Triple R.

Ohlins? Check. NIX30 forks and TTX36 shock, to be precise.

Brembos? Check. Monoblocs, too. Nice.

Paint? Well, a splash of red on the subframe and some 'R' graphics.

Lightweight wheels? Oh yes. PVM five-spokes.

Carbon fibre? Yup. A little bit anyway.

Engine-wise, nothing is changed, so the performance will be much the same as the stock bike in a straight line.

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