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Someone’s been at the catnip

Meet Yamaha’s new press officer: a cat

YAMAHA has just launched one of the strangest teaser campaigns we’ve seen – and we remember Ducati’s Land of Joy.

A Yamaha teaser website says cats are its official ambassadors and that language familiar to them will be used to describe models to be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show is where bike makers like to show-off new technology and we've already seen some exciting concepts ahead of this year's event, which starts on October 29. It has nothing whatever to do with cats.

Neverthless the site says: ‘Yamaha has chosen to employ “the cat” as its official ambassador for the Tokyo Motor Show special teaser website… Cat memes will be used to describe the models that will be on display, and parts of the language used in the process will be adapted to ensure smooth communication with our feline emissaries.’

The firm has adopted the name 'Nyamaha Motor' on the site, explaining: ‘Just in case you didn’t know - "Nya" is the Japanese equivalent of "meow".' 

Why would we know that?

There’s a slide show of cat pictures, with cryptic messages like ‘Dun lisun to they bro, I kno it isn all about dem liter biks.’ So there’s going to be something that isn’t 1000cc. See all the images from the site in our gallery below. 

And there’s a transcript of Yamaha Motor President Hiroyuki Yanagi’s presentation at the last Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, but translated into cat-speak. It begins: ‘I WID LIIK two BIGUN BI TANKIN EVRYUN FOR JOINN US TODAI FO DA YAMAHA MOTOR PREZ BRIEFY.’

So will he do this year’s presentation in shouty cat-speak? Sadly, that seems unlikely. The site says cats are only to be ambassadors ‘until the show proper commences’.  

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