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Royal Enfield gets serious

Doubling production by 2013

ROYAL ENFIELD has revealed plans for a new plant in India that will more than double its production capacity from 70,000 bikes per year to 150,000.

The new plant, which will be built on a 50-acre plot, is set to open in the first part of 2013, coinciding with Enfield's plans to grow both in India and in its export markets. Notably, the firm recently revealed its intentions to make a twin-cylinder bike, a machine that could be a real rival to Western brands like Harley-Davidson.

At the moment, Enfield is building bikes at its maximum capacity and has waiting lists for new machines in some countries, including India where the vast majority of its current single-cylinder bikes are sold.

For an insight into how hand-built Enfields really are, check out this video from the firm's YouTube channel – you'd normally pay a custom builder handsomely to get that sort of skill applied to a bike... Once there's a 1000-plus twin-cylinder machine on their books and the production facilities to allow significant supplies, Royal Enfield could be a brand to watch.

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