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New-for-2012 KTM Duke 690 revealed

Another day, another teaser video

WITHOUT going back over the pointless frustration generated by teaser videos or the fact they do nothing but diminish the impact of a new bike's launch, here's the teaser for KTM's 2012 Duke 690.

It's filled with the usual teaser cliches. Out of focus shots, too-fast cuts, odd camera angles and super-close-ups abound, all accompanied by tedious sections that show nothing but empty bits of road or desert skies without a bike in sight. You know the score. Speaking of which, the score is a typical 'anticipation-building' piece that does nothing but stop us from hearing what the bike sounds like.

However, if you can be bothered to hit the pause button at the right moment – and we've done it for you in the accompanying stills – you can actually see pretty much all the bike.

It's basically the 2007 KTM Stunt concept, reworked into a production bike. Even the paint scheme is the same. But the chassis comes, it seems, from the existing Duke 690, as does the swingarm (no sign of the Stunt's beautiful single-sider here). The engine does, too, albeit with more power, from what we hear; somewhere in the region of 70bhp should be on the cards.

A conventional exhaust replaces the current under-belly pipe, and the styling is less outlandish than we've come to expect from Dukes, with typically folded-paper KTM looks and a clear nod towards the firm's motocross heritage in the nose fairing, which looks like a competition number board with a headlight let into it.

It's set to appear for real in a week's time at the EICMA show in Milan.

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