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MV Agusta F3 development. September release

The new F3 will be available on the market in late autumn

The development of the delectable MV Agusta F3 is advancing smoothly with the machine exceeding the expectations of the factory.

The new three-cylinder 675cc engine has proven to be reliable on the test bench, exceeding the power target of 135 CV with the F3 hitting rev's over 15,000rpm. MV stated that the performance of the engine is down to the the perfect combination of over-rev typically found on four cylinder engines with the increased torque offered by a three cylinder engine configuration.”

In detail of the ‘architecture’ of the MV Agusta F3 the statement continues:

"The secret of the outstanding performance is the perfect synthesis between the engine and chassis. The counter-rotating crankshaft, a defining feature that separates the F3 from the competition, guarantees superior handling that cannot be matched by motorcycles with a conventional engine architecture. The counter-rotating crankshaft not only offers an advantage during fast direction changes, there is also a massive benefit with regards to weight transfer during acceleration offering an increase in rear wheel traction.

"The F3 offers the most advanced electronics and engine control system incorporating a Full Ride By Wire throttle body that together helps optimize the engine power and torque characteristics based on the needs and desires of the rider. The perfect harmony of electronics and vehicle chassis dynamics ensures that the F3 is agile and extremely easy to change rapidly the direction as well as giving the maximum amount of feedback to the rider when at maximum lean angles.”

MV Agusta has seen an improvement in financial stability, which has pushed forward the project, with the F3 expecting production to begin in September.

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