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Moto Morini's 2013 bikes revealed

Moto Morini are back, but their new offerings are somewhat familiar

LOGIC says these bikes shouldn't exist. Moto Morini was among the first casualties of the financial crisis and was closed down in 2009, only to rise again under new owners last year.

OK, so the new 2013 models you see here are pretty much the same as the kit the firm was selling before it went under – the Scrambler and Corsaro. But having said that, for bikes that should logically be dead and buried, they still look good.

The matt-green paint for the Scrambler might not be the most imaginative choice – Triumph, Ducati and Moto Guzzi have all gone down that faux-miliary path in recent years – but allied to the brown leather bags and seat, along with the decided un-camouflaged chrome engine covers, the result is distinctive. When it comes to the Corsaro, it seems that black is the new black; it almost comes as a surprise to see the headlight lenses and brake discs haven't been painted the same colour.

No word on UK availability or prices, but in Italy the firm's current bikes are remarkably cheap, with Scramblers currently selling for 7900 Euros (£6300) and Corsaros for 8200 (£6550).

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