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Morini returns with the Rebello

Prepare yourselves for another of those stretched-out teaser launches...

IF you thought Moto Morini was dead and buried then we can't blame you – the firm went through endless failed revival attempts after going into liquidation in 2009 and seemed to be lost when the last few bikes were auctioned off last spring.

But no, Italian bike manufacturers have a zombie-like ability to rise again and Morini is no exception. According to its official YouTube channel ( the company is going to start peeling back the covers of its latest machine tomorrow in an extended reveal that won't be completed until April 14. It looks like they're going to do the old jigsaw trick, removing one piece at a time to slowly reveal the bike.

All it's telling us at the moment is the name, Rebello 1200 Giubileo. Since Morini was founded in 1937, we're guessing the Giubileo bit refers to the company's 75th anniversary. Rebello is an old Morini name dating back to the 1950s.

The 1200 bit is a pretty clear clue that the new bike uses the same 1200cc V-twin that the last generation of Morinis had before the company foundered in 2009. In fact, we'd be surprised if the bike wasn't closely related to the Corsaro. Let's just hope that the reveal isn't so stretched out that we're all bored of it before the bike is even fully unveiled.

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