Indian Roadmaster revealed

As predicted, Indian takes on the Electra Glide

A LITTLE while ago we revealed that Indian was to launch a new ‘Roadmaster’ model for 2015, saying that it was likely to be a faired, luggage-laden Electra Glide rival. And it turns out that’s just what it is.

The bike is based on the same 111cu in ‘Thunder Stroke’ engine as the rest of the existing range but features bodywork including an electrically-adjustable screen, a 37 gallon (US) luggage capacity in the hard top box and panniers, as well as storage inside the fairing, and kit like heated seats – leather, of course –  and grips to keep riders comfy.

In the ‘more is better’ vein, the heated grips have 10 settings and the rider and pillion can individually alter their buttock temperature. Even the passenger floorboards are adjustable.

Elsewhere, there’s remote central locking for the luggage, keyless ignition and all the lights are LEDs, including the Indian ‘War Bonnet’ on the front fender.

If you want to spend more, there are still extra options to plunder including pillion armrests that give the rear seat the look of a dentist’s chair, a heel shifter (in case you like that sort of thing) and extra chrome racks to strap even more luggage to. And engine options include the ‘Big Sucker’ intake that is said to improve throttle response and give a slight performance boost over the stock (91bhp) version of the 1811cc V-twin.

If the Roadmaster doesn’t do it for you, take heart as Indian is also planning to launch another new model under the ‘Scout’ name in the near future. History tells us that will be a smaller, lighter and sportier machine than the big Chief-based models revealed so far.

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