Honda City Adventure – the production version

This is the showroom bike derived from the City Adventure concept
Honda City Adventure – the production version

THESE patent images show the production version of Honda’s City Adventure concept bike – a weird mishmash of scooter, adventure bike, tourer and commuter.

When the City Adventure first appeared at last year’s Milan bike show most dismissed it as nothing more than a crazy concept to draw crowds to the Honda stand. But it turns out that it was actually a lightly-disguised production machine.

Since its showing last year, the firm has trademarked potential names for the production bike, filing applications for rights to the name ‘ADV’ and ‘X-ADV’. Neither name was used on press information about the concept, but the letters ‘ADV’ were stamped on its sides and emblazoned on its licence plate, suggesting it’s the title Honda has in mind.

A prototype of the machine was also spotted testing in Rome under heavy disguise.

These pictures show what the final version will look like, and far from being toned-down for production Honda has actually upped the bike’s specifications compared to the concept.

Changes include radial front brake calipers instead of the concept’s conventional four-pots, a smaller exhaust can than the concept featured and intriguing wire wheels with spokes that run right to the edges of the rims. It also gains legally-required reflectors on the fork legs and new, larger hand guards on the bars.

The changes accurately reflect the alterations that could be seen on the earlier, disguised prototype spotted in Rome, but show much more clearly on these CAD images taken from Honda’s official design patent for the bike.

You can also clearly see the mechanism for the adjustable screen and that Honda has retained the flat-panel instrument pod, which on the concept contained a full-colour TFT display.
Mechanical parts for the bike come from the NC750, including the DCT semi-auto gearbox and 54hp paralle-twin engine, tuned for incredible fuel economy rather than performance.

While some are sure to point out that despite this bike’s ‘adventure’ styling it has no place going off-road, that’s missing the point. Honda has clearly taken aim at the same trends that have seen SUVs replace estate cars as the vehicles of choice for anyone looking for a hefty dose of practicality in their transport. The ‘off-road’ bits might not stand up to a motocross track but they will surely help with knackered, potholed city streets and the occasional leap from a curb.

One thing to note is that for a bike that many will classify as a ‘scooter’ despite its 750 engine and large wheels, it’s certain to be expensive. The Integra, with the same engine and frame, costs £8,149 and the City Adventure (or ADV or X-ADV, whatever the final name turns out to be) has a higher spec and more toys. Could it be the world’s first £10k scooter? Don’t bet against it.


snave's picture

This aint' no urban assault vehicle - wide tyres and small wheels don't make for pothole-friendly. Nor does long wheelbase and non-folding footrests. Finish that off with no bashplate, expensive bodywork and STILL no storage capacity and it might climb a kerb, but it will struggle to get across the grass - yes it will be :
"Verge-ing on the ridiculous".

I'll take the MT07 Tenere every time, and save a fortune while adding a hefty dose of practicality, ta muchly...

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Now THIS is a an off-road city scooter

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