Honda CBR250RR headlight outed in patent

Unless this is for a new Fireblade or CBR600RR, of course…

HONDA has filed a design patent in Europe that appears to show the headlight design that will appear in the production version of the CBR250RR.

The firm showed a concept version of the new parallel twin sports bike at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, simply called the Light Weight Super Sports Concept, and apart from the lack of paint and the concept-style headlight it looked remarkably production-ready.

Now the question as to how similar the final production version’s headlight will be to the concept’s slitty-eyed squint appears to be answered. The design in the new patent looks like it would slot straight into the Tokyo concept bike. To keep the super-slim light style of the concept it appears that the main part of the headlight will actually be partially hidden in the air intakes, with the slim running lights (which will be on all the time, as per the latest EU rules) mounted above them to replicate the concept’s headlights.

The lamp unit in the patent features an indentation below the upper running light strips, presumably to allow a piece of nose bodywork to run between the two light sections – just like the thin piece of fairing that separates the lights from the air intakes on the concept.

Of course, the patent doesn’t specify that the lights are definitely for the CBR250RR, so there’s a chance that they might instead be destined for another Honda sports bike – the next-generation Fireblade, for instance, or even a new CBR600RR. Given Honda’s penchant for keeping a consistent family look in its bikes, it’s more than likely that the next-gen Blade and CBR600RR (if one is made) will adopt similar styling and light designs to the CBR250RR.

By the time it reaches the European market the CBR250RR is expected to mutate to a CBR350RR – the capacity boost coming to ensure it more than matches the 321cc Yamaha R3.

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