Bajaj Pulsar 375 revealed

Grainy pictures leaked of sister machine to KTM RC390

THE pictures bring a new meaning to the term ‘low resolution’ but these images show Indian firm Bajaj’s new Pulsar 375 single-cylinder sports bike – a machine that shares its engine with KTM’s 2014 RC390.

Despite being only a relatively small-capacity single, the RC390 was one of the stars of the recent EICMA show in Milan and in light of the new A2 licence class in Europe looks to be the most exciting bike that many young riders will be able to aspire to. However, KTM’s major shareholder, Bajaj, is also on the brink of launching its own machine with the same engine.

The Pulsar 375 has been a long time coming and regularly spied on test, but these pictures show the bike in its finished form – albeit at very low resolution. The indications are that it looks pretty good, and should Bajaj decide to offer the bike in Europe – something the firm has indicated in the past that it would like to do – it could offer a temptingly cheap alternative to the KTM for riders on a power-limited A2 licence.

Presuming the engine is the same spec as the KTM 390’s, it will make around 43bhp – just under the 47bhp limit imposed on A2 bikes. An identical looking 200cc machine is also expected to appear. Bajaj already offers a naked Pulsar 200 using what appears to be the same chassis as the forthcoming 375. Despite the appearance it’s actually a steel frame, but the naked 200cc version still weighs only 145kg, 9kg more than the naked Duke 200 that shares its motor. In faired 375cc form it’s likely to be around 155-160kg.

Cheaper suspension means the handling is unlikely to be in the same league as the KTM, but neither is the price.

Would you be interested in a bike like this if Bajaj decided to bring it over, or would they be wasting their time?

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