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The 3D-printed working motorcycle

Major components including frame, wheels and bearings printed in plastic

A FUNCTIONING motorcycle produced using 3D printing has been unveiled at a technology fair in California.

Modelled on a Harley-Davidson Softail, it features major load-bearing components printed in plastic, including the frame, wheels and bearings.

Turning it into a functioning motorcycle required the addition of tyres, brakes, a sidestand, mirrors and electrical components including a 1hp electric motor.

The 113.4kg machine is claimed to be capable of supporting 181kg, or two adults, and travelling at 15mph for several minutes.

It was designed on a computer and major components were produced by printing layer upon layer of ABS plastic.

It was unveiled at the Rapid 2015 3D printing fair in Long Beach, California, by technology firm TE Connectivity.

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