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All the best action from the The 2017 X Games Minneapolis, plus results

By Adam Simpson


Coming in off big recent wins at the Nitro World Games and the Red Bull X-Fighters, New Zealand's levi Sherwood had been piped as the favourite for this event, and it didn't take long for Levi to show he meant business at X Games too. With a run that consisted of two different Double Backflip tricks along with his usual host of stylish and technical moves, Sherwood brought home his third major contest win of the summer with a solid first-place score, re-setting the level of freestyle motocross once again in the process. Australia's Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore rounded off the podium.


1. Levi Sherwood

2. Josh Sheehan

3. Clinton Moore

4. Taka Higashino

5. Adam Jones

6. David Rinaldo

7. Rob Adelberg

8. Harry Bink



Step Up

It didn't take long for the field of six riders competing in X Games Step Up to whittle it's way down as the bar made its way up. Eventually it would be between 2015 winner Ronnie Renner, Step Up veteran Bryce Hudson and last year's joint-winner Jarryd McNeil. McNeil showed his new dominance of this discipline by clearing the bar at a whopping 44 feet, and managing to make it look easy. McNeil left Hudson and Renner to take the silver and bronze medals respectively.


1. Jarryd McNeil

2. Bryce Hudson

3. Ronnie Renner

4. Massimo Bianconcini

5. Libor Podmol

6. Kris Foster



Best Whip

With a rider line-up that consisted of a complete who's-who of the best dirt bike whippers in the world, the stage was set for the ultimate sideways showdown in the X Games Best Whip Contest. With all the riders doing their best to get their bikes as up-side-down and back-to-front as humanly possible, the fans took to Twitter to cast their votes and ultimately decide the outcome. With some stand-out whips being thrown by Jaryd McNeil, Destin Cantrell and Tyler Bereman, it was the Californian Cantrell won the fan vote and walked away with his first ever X Games gold medal. 


1. Destin Cantrell

2. Jarryd McNeil

3. Tyler Bereman

4. Tom Parsons

5. Nate Adams

6. Josh Sheehan

7. Beau Bamburg

8. Kris Foster

Best Trick

The notorious X Games Best Trick contest has seen history made many times in the past and 2017 was no exception. With a large field of riders that collectively had a wide style of tricks ranging from body backflips and combos to spin tricks, the contest showed just how far freestyle motocross has progressed. Much like Saturday, the night quickly became dominated by Levi Sherwood and his new double backflip tricks. The stylish Kiwi pulled out two different, perfectly executed double vackflip variations, the second and highest scoring being a world first nac-nac-to-one-hander. Jackson Strong landed his nemesis trick, the double drop, to take the silver medal and Clinton Moore got bronze with a perfect bundy.


1. Levi Sherwood

2. Jackson Strong

3. Clinton Moore

4. Josh Sheehan

5. Taka Higashino

6. Harry Bink

7. Rob Adelberg

8. Libor Podmol



Quarter Pipe High Air

Making its debut at X Games 2017, the highly anticipated new discipline of Moto X Quarter Pipe High Air didn't disappoint. Riders simply had to go as high as they could out of the huge Quarter Pipe and land safely in the wide and steep dirt landing. The event soon turned into a two-horse race between Tyler Bereman and Metal Mulisha rider Colby Raha. The relatively unknown Raha managed to out-jump the favourite for the event, Bereman, on his final jump, reaching a jaw-dropping 29 feet 7 inches and claiming the Gold medal at his first ever X Games. 


1. Colby Raha

2. Tyler Bereman

3. Brian McCarty

4. Tom Parsons

5. Josh Hill

6. Kris Foster

7. Jarryd McNeil

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