Supersport category sales hit hardest in 2010

We're not buying new supersport machines. Is it the lack of new models or cash in the bank?

THE MOTORCYCLE industry is a fairly gloomy place right now. Not a lot of those in the industry would appreciate me saying that but it's the truth.

May's motorcycle sales figures don't look great, the worst hit category is Supersport sales which are 30.8% down year to date, compared to 2009. A total of 6,997 bikes were sold in the Supersport category so far this year but in the same time frame in 2009, 10,117 bikes had been sold.

But there are some glimmers of hope. Two categories posted a rise in sales in May 2010, compared to May 2009. The Custom category is 12.2% up and the Scooter category is 9.1% up.

We may not associate ourselves with the kind of people who buy in these categories, but the fact is, in order for the industry to maintain strength these categories need to remain strong while the fashion conscious Supersport category struggles.

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