Study: UK biking population doubles since mid 1990s

UK bike economy buoyant, says MCI

THE NUMBER of licensed motorcycles in the UK has doubled since the mid 1990s, the Motorcycling Industry Association (MCI) has revealed.

A survey, commissioned by the MCI, showed approximately 1.4 million motorcycles and 1.5 million motorcyclists are in the UK; despite the significant growth ownership rates are around 22 motorcycles per 1000 people - the lowest in Europe.

Steve Kenward. MCI’s CEO commented: “Over 8,000 people have already applied to participate in the free motorcycle experience that introduces people to riding. We know there is great potential to bring new riders on board and expand our existing customer database to a younger and more diverse group of people.

"The MCI remains extremely positive and upbeat about the future of the motorcycle industry.”

At last. Some good news.

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