"Sort out bike test mess" says UK motorcycle industry

MCI call on government as new test candidates drop 17 per cent

THE Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is calling on the new Government to take action over the country's motorcycle testing debacle.

According to recently revealed figures, the number of candidates taking the new-style test has plummeted, due to the reduced number of test centres and a general lack of confidence in the new test regime.

The number of candidates taking the new-style test has dropped 17 per cent, down 35,479 on the previous year. This, coupled with a 20 per cent drop in motorcycle sales over the last 12 months, paints a bleak picture for the future of the country's once-bouyant motorcycle industry.

Steve Kenward, MCI’s CEO said; “Motorcycle trainers know how best to deliver a proper training and testing regime, not bureaucrats in executive agencies who disregard the views of experts. The Secretary of State for Transport urgently needs to get to grips with the motorcycle test and licensing issue in partnership with the motorcycle industry. We call on him to take personal charge of sorting out the mess that the DSA have created and are offering industry support.”

Couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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