Norton steps towards America

California emissions certification granted

NORTON hasn’t had a trouble-free ride since its rebirth – with tales of angry customers and delayed deliveries rife – but it’s finally making progress towards its goal of getting its bikes on sale in America.

Newly published documents from the California Air Research Board show that Norton’s whole range is now certified to go on sale in that state. With tougher regs than the rest of America, with California in the bag other states should be no problem. The firm reported last year that it had received its EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification, as needed for the American market as a whole.

Back then, the company said “Finally, and critically important to Norton is the California Air Resources Board review and approval, which typically follows EPA certification by two or three months.”

It’s now had that approval.

Norton rightly sees America as key to its future. The market there values heritage above all and the Norton name is as strong as they come. American buyers are renowned for their understandable insistence that manufacturers live up to their promises, though. The sort of delays and problems reported by some customers over here would be disastrous in the American market.

If Norton can deliver, access to the American market could multiply its orders several times over, putting the company on much firmer footing than before.

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