European motorcycling gets a new boss

Stephan Schaller heading up ACEM

STEPHAN Schaller has, since last year, been the top dog at BMW Motorrad, and now he’s effectively the most powerful man in European motorcycling having been appointed president of ACEM.

It’s the second time in a matter of months that he’s usurped Hendrik von Kuenheim, his predecessor at both BMW and ACEM. 

While the ACEM president isn’t a man that most everyday riders are likely to hear about, it’s his job to promote motorcycling throughout Europe and to fight battles with the legislators to make sure any crazy new laws dreamt up in Brussels remain nothing more than bureaucrats’ fantasies.

Here’s what he has to say: 'Our mission consists of promoting the benefits of scooters, motorcycles and other light vehicles in terms of energy efficiency and quality of life. Motorcycle manufacturers are mobility providers and as such deserve a full recognition in transport policies. 37 million Powered Two-Wheelers circulate in Europe. A growing number of European citizens use PTWs on a daily basis to beat the traffic and find a parking place in city centres, both for private and professional use.

'Over recent years the European Motorcycle Industry has done much to respond to the pressing challenges posed by the economic crisis, with the aim of moving towards greener and safer mobility while returning to sustainable job-creating growth. Much has been accomplished, however, the stagnation of economic activity forecast for 2013 and the unacceptably high levels of unemployment in the EU emphasise how crucial it is to accelerate efforts to support European manufacturing as a matter of priority while pursuing a coherent European transport policy based on clean, efficient and smart mobility.

'ACEM calls for the swift implementation of policies announced by the European Commission, in particular as regards initiatives supporting the European automotive industry and the EU-funded R&D projects. ACEM Members are determined to seize these opportunities, offering users ever more innovative vehicles meeting their growing need for mobility and leisure.”

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