European motorcycles sales suffer 7% drop

It's not just the UK that's seen sales hit hard. We're all suffering.

Despite the calendar showing otherwise, the good season is far from started for the European Powered Two Wheeler (PTW)  market.

A disappointing -7% for the first five months of 2010 leaves manufacturers and dealers feeling cautious about the rest of the year.

The PTW market is characterised by high seasonal differences. Springtime and summer usually coincide with an increase in sales compared to the preceding cold months. After a significant market drop in 2009 (-25%) the expectations of the PTW industry for spring rebound were high.

Unfortunately, data collected by the Association of European Manufacturers registration database, show no improvement. On the contrary, a general decline has occurred during the first five months with the exception of Spain. Compared to the previous year, during the January-May 2010 period the European PTW market fell by 7%.

This situation is particularly concerning considering that the peak of motorcycle registrations and moped sales is expected to begin in spring. The bulk of sales usually occurs during the favourable season. The result of the whole fiscal year can be compromised by low volumes in spring/summer.

With a -40% drop, 2009 can be considered a disaster year for Spain, the only major European market showing growth in 2010. Other countries did not perform as well. The stability of the Netherlands, thanks to good moped sales (+5%) and despite a 19% drop in motorcycle registrations, does not compensate the losses observed in the major markets:

PTW sales for 2010 so far:

   * United Kingdom - 17%
    * Germany -12%
    * France -10%
    * Italy -9%

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