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Are fleets a solution to bike sales?

Untapped market offers an opportunity for manufacturers

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Submitted by TH on Wed, 03/07/2013 - 20:00

LOW COSTS, reduced travelling time and smaller carbon footprints are all attractive propositions for companies with fleet operations. But how many outside the police, breakdown services and couriers are known for choosing motorcycles over cars?

Honda's new general manager Nick Camplocci wants to change that, calling fleet sales a "priority area" and describing them as "the single largest untapped sales opportunity and a crucial area of our business going forward."

According to Fleet News, Honda has formed a working party with various organisations including the Motorcycle industry Association (MCI) and the DVLA, along with various Honda dealers.

As the motorcycle industry is not in a current position to offer suitable data or able to track fleet registrations for motorcycles, Honda have turned to automotive industry data specialists Fleet Influence. Fleet Influence have put together a service, maintenance and repair (SMR) system that is currently being assessed by Honda.

Meanwhile MCI have been consulting on specific fleet motorcycle safety programmes, with their acting CEO Steve Kenward also highlighting the emerging electric bike market as another potential fleet opportunity.

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