Zero Motorcycles target law enforcement

Ghostly police force coming to a town near you?

LEADING electric bike manufacturer Zero has announced the launch of its 2013 'Police and Security line-up' - two models designed specifically for police and other security agencies. 

In 2012, Zero launched the DS Police Motorcycle which has been tested in the field over the past year with law enforcement agencies including Monterey Police Department, Santa Cruz Police Department, San Jose State University Police Department and Scotts Valley Police Department in the US, as well as the Metropolitan Police in the UK.

John Lloyd, VP of Global Sales for Zero said: 'After seeing the success the 2012 model had in the field, we decided to expand our 2013 police and security offerings. To have the support of so many different law enforcement agencies and security organizations is an incredible honour.'

The new bikes are based on the recent Zero S and Zero DS, and are imaginatively named the Zero S Police/Security and Zero DS Police/Security. The street (S) configuration is claimed to be able to travel 132 miles (city) or 83 miles (55 mph highway) on a single charge, whilst the dual sport (DS) configuration is able to travel 121 miles (city) or 74 miles (55 mph highway) on a single charge. 

The ongoing consideration being given to the possibility of utilising electric motorcycles for policing and other security enforcement purposes could be encouraging to consumers, who are also seeing an increased range of offerings from Zero - if the police back the bikes to last the distance, be fast enough to catch crims and be cost effective, then surely the average buyer should take note?

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