Yamaha unveil 2009 XJ6 Diversion

New chassis, engine, suspension and ABS brake option propel the Divvy back into the commuter limelight

NEW 2009 XJ6 Diversion

HERE ARE the first shots of the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion - the bike Yamaha hope will recapture a large sector of the commuter/new rider market.

Yamaha say the bike's powered by an inline 4-cylinder engine which has been tuned to deliver a linear flow of strong yet easy-to-control torque. Here's the technical info on the new machine:


Newly-developed 600cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline 4-cylinder engine
The XJ6 Diversion is driven by a newly developed 600cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline 4-cylinder engine which has been specifically designed to produce brisk performance together with an easy, predictable and linear power band.

Featuring bore x stroke dimensions of 65.5 mm x 44.5 mm, together with a high compression ratio of 12.2:1, this strong and responsive new inline-4 cylinder engine produces maximum horsepower 57.0 kW (78 PS) at 10,000 rpm, with maximum torque 59.7 Nm (6.1 kg-m) at 8,500 rpm.


Newly-designed tubular steel diamond-type frame
In order to be able to offer XJ6 Diversion riders strong all-round running performance, together with a low seat height and slim overall chassis dimensions, we have developed an all-new diamond-type frame. Manufactured from high tensile steel pipes which are 31.8 mm in diameter and 2.3 mm thick, this attractive new frame features a very simple and neat design which has been created using the minimum number of bends and welds.

New 41mm diameter front forks

To complement the new slimline tubular chassis, the XJ6 Diversion is equipped with newly-designed conventional front forks featuring 41 mm diameter tubes which deliver a good balance of rigidity together with excellent shock absorption characteristics.

ABS anti-lock braking system

The new XJ6 Diversion is also available with a compact new lightweight ABS design. This new system has been developed to offer improved feel when activated, and features a linear control (3-position) ABS, instead of the previous two mode system, which operated in ‘increased brake pressure’ and ‘decreased brake pressure’ modes.

Colours both XJ6 Diversion and XJ6 Diversion ABS

Ocean Depth


Lava Red