Wroughton Classic show cancelled

Popular classic show canned due to venue owners going bust

A MESSAGE from the organisers of the Wroughton Classic (Adrian Flux Classic) show:

Sadly, it is with great regret that we have no choice but to cancel the Adrian Flux Classic.

Unfortunately the Liddington Hotel has been closed by their Administrators (Grant Thornton). Despite previous agreements and assurances with them and their agents, and several attempts to negotiate a possible solution, the Administrators today informed us that the only way they could allow us to continue with this event would be for us to agree to pay considerable additional 'costs' (around £20,000 PLUS - payable in advance!) to our original discussions.

We would also have to agree to limit parking, limit the numbers allowed to access the site, assure them that cars would not be allowed to park on the grass areas if there is any rain (limiting us to a hardstanding area which accomodates a total of just 320 cars) and refrain from advertising the event. The original agreed areas and facilities would also no longer be available to us under any circumstance. There would also be an additional £5000 premium to pay in respect of the damage they estimate will be inflicted upon the grass areas of the site.

Sadly therefore we simply cannot afford to proceed with this event, particulalry as it could still be cancelled at any time.

Some of you have already mentioned to us that you have tried to contact the Liddington Hotel to make bookings and have been told by staff that the event has been cancelled, this was prior to our knowledge that the event had indeed been cancelled so we apologise that we had not contacted you in time to let you know what was happening.

We are extremely sorry that our exhibitors, visitors, traders and supporters have been let down in this way, and at such short notice. We are also really disappointed that the Adrian Flux Classic, which promised to be our best show yet, will not be taking place on the 1st & 2nd August 2009. We will of course be contacting people that have paid for advance tickets or booking fees as soon as we can to arrange for a full refund.

Due to the short notice now available to us and the fact that we had already been very active promoting the show and have indeed commissioned and paid for major advertising throughout the country that cannot be cancelled at this late stage, we would really appreciate all the help we can get in passing this message on.

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