'Who put the handlebars at the back? Hiccup'

Tip: you're definitely too drunk to ride if you can't work out where to sit.

HE looks like he's about to run himself over. And perhaps he would have done if police hadn't intervened. 

The 26-year-old had already fallen off his Yamaha YBR125 when concerned CCTV operators noticed him trying to get back on the wrong way round.

Police were called by the operators at around 10.10pm on Saturday and arrived at the scene, on Querns Lane, Cirencester, to find the rider three times over the drink-drive limit.

Officers said he 'struggled around a little bit’ before being breathalysed.

The Cirencester man has been charged with drink driving and is due in court on September 26.

Cotswold Police shared the CCTV images on the force's Twitter account with the message: 'It's obvious you are #TooDrunkToDrive when you fall off your Yamaha and then can't remember how to get back on. Or which way to face...

'Fortunately, CCTV meant help was at hand for the Cirencester rider on Saturday night who was three times the limit and provided with alternate transport.'

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