Westminster Parking Attendants to give 'soft option'

Council employees told to go easy on motorists but keep an eye out for 'defaced parking signs'

IN ANOTHER comedy initiative, Westminster Council is to give its parking attendants the option of 'soft enforcement' when dishing out tickets.

Motorists now face a lecture, rather than a fine, if they return to their car a few minutes late, or commit a similar minor offence. However, serious parking blunders will still result in a £120 fine.

Sounds fair enough. But, and it's a big one, the very same attendants are now being asked to spend their time looking out for any parking bay signs that have been defaced by graffiti.

Sound familiar?

Westminster Council's comedy cabinet member for city management, Councillor Danny Chalkley, said: "I understand that parking enforcement isn't popular, and no-one likes getting a ticket, but Westminster is the busiest and most congested borough in London.

"We have pioneered new parking policies to make it easier for motorists to park in Westminster with our firm but fair approach.

"This new contract will build on these innovations and help keep Westminster moving."

What, help keep Westmisnter moving by charging congestion-easing motorcycles to park within the borough?

Is this bloke mad?

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