Video: US insurance group calls for mandatory ABS

Think ABS is for pussies? Check this video out!

FOLLOWING statistics revealed in a recent study in the US that fatal motorcycle accidents could be reduced by up to 37 per cent, an American insurance industry group has asked for anti-lock brakes to be made compulsory on all new motorcycles.

"Traveling on two wheels instead of four is always riskier, but our new research shows that anti-lock brake technology can make motorcycle riding a much safer way to get around," Adrian Lund, president of the institute, said.

"There are situations when [anti-lock brakes] can increase the risk of a crash, such as when riding an off-highway motorcycle on a trail, or when riding an on-highway or dual-sport motorcycle on a dirt or gravel road," the group said.

Many are against the group's request, and rightly so, but looking at the footage in the above clip it's difficult to see any downside to ABS - but let's just keep it as an option, eh?

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