Video: Ohio police officer rams motorcycle couple

It's 'Murica, people!

A SHOCKING video has been released showing the moment an Ohio police officer rams a couple of their motorcycle, for no apparent reason.

Amy and Corey Waldman were heading to a coffee stop on the evening of august 17th, minding their own business, when they were shunted by trooper Jacob Daymon.

Daymon doesn't appear to react to the motorcycle ahead and ploughs into them without braking or swerving.

Daymon then reversed his car and went to see if the couple needed help. Amy Waldman was air-lifted to hospital while Corey was taken by ambulance. They both suffered injuries and are still undergoing treatment in hospital. The couple put their survival down to the fact they were wearing crash helmets.

The video has been released while a grand jury decides whether the trooper involved should face charges.

Only those aged 17 and younger have to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle in Ohio.  

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