Video: Motorcyclist cuts driver free from overturned car

'It's something you don't really think about. You just do it,'

HELMET camera footage of a motorcyclist cutting a woman free from an overturned car has gone viral.

Rhino Hooton was commuting home on Route 163 in San Diego when he pulled over next to the crashed car to help.

After hearing another passer-by shout, ‘Anybody have a knife?’, Hooton rushed to the other side of the car to assist the driver trapped in the vehicle.

As he cuts the driver loose you can hear one of the good Samaritans say, ‘Is this thing on fire?’

Another replied, ‘Yeah, it’s smoking from the other side somewhere.’

After cutting the driver free, Hooton said: ‘When she was snared in her seatbelt, it was wrapped around her upper body. Her suffocating was my thought. She was panicking; she couldn’t get out.’

Speaking of why he pulled over to help, he added: ‘It’s something you don’t really think about. You just do it,’

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