Van driver is first 'motorway middle-lane hog' to be convicted

Road hog gets five points and nearly £1,000 fine

THE first motorist in the UK to be convicted of hogging the middle-lane of a motorway was handed a £940 fine and five penalty points.

Police witnessed six drivers forced to brake and manouevre to avoid the rolling hazard caused by the Citroen Berlingo van on the M62 motorway last year.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard how the van's driver declined numerous opportunities to pull into the left lane before he was finally stopped by officers for driving in an inconsiderate manner.

The driver - who failed to turn up at court - was fined £500, handed costs of £400, a £40 victim surcharge and five penalty points. It's a strong message to other middle-lane hogs who waste precious road space on our congested motorways and contribute to congestion and delays.

The law was changed in 2013 to make inconsiderate driving an offence but this is believed to be the first conviction... anybody who has ridden on a motorway in the last two years will know it certainly isn't the first offence!

Hogging is many motorist's biggest bugbear - at the least it increases congestion but at its most serious could contribute to a traffic accident.

PC Nigel Fawcett-Jones from the Road Policing Unit of West Yorkshire police agreed that lane hogging was more than just an inconvenient nusiance.

“It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways," he said. "It can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers 'tailgate' the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over.

"Members of the public regularly tell the Road Policing Unit that lane hogging and tailgating are real problems on our roads and this conviction shows that the police and the courts understand the public's concerns and take this offence seriously.”

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