UK's pothole crisis deepens

Severely underfunded local authorities blamed for condition of UK's roads

UNDER-FUNDED local authories are being blamed for the rise in potholes on UK roads.

Local authorities are responsible for 95% of the country's road network and complaints about road conditions have risen by 10% in the last year alone.

The average cost of repairing potholes is £4.4million per authority, per year. The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) says that these repairs are 20 times more expensive  than planned maintenance which involves resurfacing entire roads at regular intervals.

Winter weather damage has been blamed for the recent rise in costs but the AIA blames authority budget patterns, which it says aren't long enough and so short-term fixes are favoured over long-term planning due to short-term budget allocation covering small repairs but not stretching to entire road resurfacing.

AA President Edmund King said: "We need a new approach to stop this vicious circle of decline which causes danger to all road users, particularly those on two wheels."

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