UK biker raises £25,000 while circumnavigating Africa

Spencer Conway completes 34,000-mile trip, evading gunfire and enduring hardship

AN ADVENTURE-SEEKING biker from Kent has returned safely back home after completing a solo circumnavigation of Africa on a motorbike, raising £25,000 for Save the Children charity.

In March this year, Visordown reported the news of Spencer Conway's epic trip, as he tackled 34 countries during his nine-month journey.

Mr Conway came under gunfire from bandits part-way through his 34,000-mile (55,000km) adventure, after starting his trip in November. The former teacher rode through Europe and across north Africa to Ethiopia, before making his way down to South Africa.

On the return trip he headed back up the west coast of the continent and across the Mediterranean to Spain and then back to the UK via France.

Speaking about his homecoming, Conway told BBC News: "Everything is very organised. Just to be able to put the kettle on without having to build a fire is very strange."

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