Transport for London launches Motorcycle Safety Action Plan

With hopes to reduce serious accidents by 40% in the next six years

TRANSPORT for London (TfL) has launched the Motorcycle Safety Action Plan in a bid to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists in the capital city.

The plan can be found here and involves six different initiatives to help the TfL achieve their goal of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) by 40% by 2020.

The initiatives include the launch of ‘hard-hitting’ safety campaigns to change road user behaviour that currently puts motorcyclists at risk, with particular focus on areas such as drivers failing to look properly and raising awareness among road users of the presence and vulnerability of motorcyclists.

As part of the scheme, TfL will provide funding for a 40% uplift in the activities of the Metropolitan Police’s Motorcycle Tasking Team to further clamp down on illegal and antisocial road user behaviour.

Craig Carey-Clinch, policy advisor for the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: "Motorcycles are an important component in London's transport system and riders have a right to expect a safer road environment.

"The Action Plan marks a valuable step in bringing safety initiatives together under a single framework."

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