Tourer, tourer, tourer!

Kawasaki 1400GTR tarmac melter

It may be scheduled for model year 2008 but Kawasaki are teasing us with this, the 1400GTR, now.

Billed, without irony, as a 'transcontinental supersport' machine the GTR is perhaps the most potent sports-tourer out there.

Lurking beneath is a ZZ-R1400 engine, not know for its lack of power, with variable valve timing maps tweaked to deliver massive low-down and mid-range shove along with ballistic top end acceleration. Wrapped in a cast/extruded alloy monocoque chassis, identical to the ZZ-R, there should be no handling woes flat chat, two-up in the outside lane of the autobahn.

Other innovations include Kawasaki's Tetra Lever shaft drive system, which Kawasaki claims is so free of backlash that it is indistinguishable from a chain drive bike. Highly advanced ABS and KIPASS (on-board tyre pressure monitoring, or smoked herring if you ask Chris Moss) complete the techno-fest specification.

If there are any members of Kawasaki staff idly trawling the net, can we make it known that are eagerly awaiting their invitation for the launch of the 1400GTR. Ahem.

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