Top Ten L-plate bikes in the UK so far this year

Which learner-legal models are flying out of showrooms at the moment?

THE BEST selling UK learner legal bikes - top five...

5: Honda MSX125: 240 UK registrations, Jan-Mar 2018

When it launched the MSX125 (why can’t we call it the Grom, like they do in America?) Honda wasn’t expecting it to turn into the huge success that it’s become. A combination of funky styling and toy-like dimensions mean it’s a bike that doesn’t take itself too seriously – even if the £3,389 price isn’t exactly small change – and that’s clearly hit a note with riders who put a priority on fun rather than bar-room performance boasting. 

4: Yamaha NMAX 125: 364 UK registrations, Jan-Mar 2018

To a lot of us, scooters like the NMAX are easy to write off as little more than white goods; a two-wheeled fridge that quietly goes about its business, only getting noticed if it fails. But for a lot of buyers, that’s pretty much ideal, and with a middle-of-the-road £2,999 price, middle-of-the-road specs and middle-of-the-road style it’s clearly a bike that’s got plenty of appeal to that part of the market. It’s the best-selling Yamaha of all…

3: Honda CB125F: 381 UK registrations, Jan-Mar 2018

The CB125F is another of those throwback bikes that appears to have been designed a few decades ago. But as the direct descendent of the old CG125 that took thousands of us through our bike tests over a period of decades, it’s still ticking a lot of the right boxes. Again, we find old-fashioned tech like a drum brake at the back and an air-cooled single, but it’s tough as old boots and costs a reasonable £2829. In fact, if we exclude scooters, it was the best-selling motorcycle of all in the UK during the first quarter of the year.

2: Honda NSC110 Vision: 529 UK registrations, Jan-Mar 2018

One of the cheapest ways to get a brand new Honda, the £2399 Vision has been a best-seller for years. It’s pretty slow, even compared to the rest of the sub-125cc bikes on this list, thanks to a mere 108cc single making 6.5kW, but it’s light (102kg) and strong, making it a near-perfect city bike if you don’t need to venture much past 50mph.

1: Honda PCX125: 556 UK registrations, Jan-Mar 2018

Even if you’re not a scooter fan, it’s not hard to see why the PCX sells so well. At a glance it’s not a million miles from the high-spec Forza in either style or spec, but at £2,929 it’s over £1,700 cheaper than the luxury Forza 125 and little over £500 more than the entry-level Vision 110. Put those numbers into the sort of PCP monthly payment plan that most buyers surely opt for and a PCX won’t end up costing much more than a new iPhone. There’s kit like ABS as standard, and plenty of luggage room too. No wonder it’s the UK’s best-selling two-wheeler.

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