Top ten bikes from the Bonhams Vegas auction

If you have a ‘money no object’ sized space in the garage, this auction might just have a bike to fill the void

5. Harley-Davidson Model 16F

As crazy as this sounds, the rusty relic in the pictures above has an estimate of £62,000 to £78,000 – that’s 10 Harley-Davidson Street Rods for the price of one corroded bike, that’s going to need a wheelbarrow full of cash to get going again!

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4. Honda CB750 K0

The prices of Honda CB series bikes from the 70s has gone stratospheric recently. Even unloved, unrestored projects can command big price tags on the open market. Which means that this perfectly restored example looks good value with an estimate of £20-30k.

The Honda was one of a number of bikes that effectively sounded the death knell for the British motorcycle industry, as the high revving and high powered four-cylinder bikes from Japan were more reliable, faster and smoother than the aging Brit’ twins.

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Car engines in bikes rarely stand the test of time like the MÜNCH. The engine was borrowed from NSU Prinz 1000 saloon car and was then bored out to 1176cc because, well, why not!

With drum brakes front and rear, an all up weight of 280kg and 80 odd bhp on tap, performance isn’t going to be setting the world alight, although the looks you’ll get at the local bike will probably make up for the slightly tardy performance.

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2. Ducati Supermono

Probably the quirkiest and most sought after of the all the Ducati race bikes, the Supermono was developed for the ‘Sound of Singles’ series in the mid nineties.

With a frame designed by current Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali, and styling by Pierre Terblanche, the bike was a revolutionary single the likes of which we sadly don’t see any more.

With a dummy conrod to dampen the vibrations of the 500cc single, carbon subframe and 80hp on tap. The Supermono was a revalation on the track and paved the way for the iconic 916 which arrived shortly after.

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You can’t have a top ten auction type feature and not include a Black Shadow, so here it is.

Raced in the 50s by Swiss based GP racer Hans Stärkle, the bike is offered with an estimate of £280,000 to £310,000 and it’s a fair assumption that it’ll meet or exceed this reserve.

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