Top 10 most popular BMWs of 2018

Find out which of BMW's bikes made the top-ten sold in 2018

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5: S1000RR Sport (475 registered)

Throughout 2018 it was an open secret that a completely new S1000RR was being launched for the 2019 model year. Spy shots of the new bike had emerged back in mid-2017, after all. But that didn’t put buyers of the old model off, with 475 of the more expensive ‘Sport’ versions sold in 2018, compared to only 162 of the base-spec bikes.

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4: R1200GS Rallye TE (479 registered)

The Rallye TE was the top-of-the-range version of the old non-Adventure R1200GS, and again it was the best-selling derivative, proving that BMW buyers aren’t afraid of splashing the cash. To be fair, the multi-coloured paint scheme and ticks-all-the-boxes spec sheet meant that it was always going to be popular. BMW’s masterstroke was to keep a lid on the fact that it was replacing the GS with the revamped, more powerful R1250GS (complete with ShiftCam VVT system) towards the end of 2018.

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3: R1200GS Adventure Triple Black (550 registered)

The ‘Triple Black’ version of the R1200GS Adventure was another variant aimed very much as the premium end of the market, and again there was no lack of customers in 2018. Anyone hoping that by opting for the Triple Black version of the Adventure they’d be assured of a level of exclusivity is going to be disappointed, with some 550 of them hitting the streets in 2018. A base model would be a far rarer bird…

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2: S1000XR Sport SE (620 registered)

BMW classes its own S1000XR as an ‘Adventure Sport’ model, but in reality it’s a superbike with a high-rise riding position and tourer levels of comfort. Its massive popularity shows that it’s what a lot of riders are really looking for: an astoundingly competent all-rounder. Once again the most expensive ‘Sport SE’ is the most successful derivative by a country mile, despite a price tag that’s over £2k higher than the identical-looking cheaper machine. Only 117 of the cheap models were sold, against 620 of the priciest version.


1: R1200GS Adventure Rallye TE (658 registered)

What’s the most expensive version of the BMW R1200GS? It’s the Adventure Rallye TE. What’s the most popular version of the BMW R1200GS? It’s the Adventure Rallye TE. Despite a price tag that would leave a near £20k hole in your bank balance once you’d splashed out on a couple of extras, it was the most popular BMW of all in 2018. So what if a base R1200GS would do much the same job for around £5k less? The Adventure Rallye TE was the model that attracted more customers than any other. Again, BMW’s smart move of steering clear of teasers and spy shots with its uprated R1250GS Adventure, which hit the market at the end of the year, meant there was no let-up in the popularity of the old model.

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