Top 10 most popular bikes in the UK in 2018

Which makes and models dominated sales last year?​

5: Kawasaki ZX1000

While the ZR900 models are all fairly similar, Kawasaki’s ZX1000 model designation covers a whole host of wildly different machines including the Z1000, ZX-10R and even the supercharged Ninja H2. Most popular is the Z1000SX sports tourer (ZX1000WJF), but the next-best-seller was the Ninja H2 SX SE (ZX1002BJF), and then the ZX-10R KRT Replica (ZX1000SJFA). Still, it’s a win for Kawasaki to have its ZX1000 models this high on the list, even if it’s a bit of a stretch to consider them the same ‘generic’ model.

4: BMW S1000

Again, we’re seeing some quite different bikes lumped together as one here, although at least the S1000RR superbike, S1000R naked and S1000XR sports-tourer are all based on the same engine. In fact, the most popular specific model of the bunch was the S1000XR Sport, followed by the S1000R Sport and then the S1000RR Sport.

3: Triumph Tiger

The Tiger 800, Tiger 1200 and Tiger 1050 are all pulled together here, not to mention all their myriad sub-derivatives – the XRs, XCs, XRXs, XRTs, XCXs and XCAs. But they’re all paid-up members of the Tiger family, so that’s fair enough. The sales split between the various models was actually quite balanced, suggesting Triumph has got it right when it comes to the different versions on offer.

2: Triumph Bonneville

Again, the Bonneville umbrella is one that covers an extensive range of bikes, from the 900cc Street Twin to the 1200cc Thruxton R, and there’s a vast variety of styles and price points in between them. As with the Tiger line-up, Triumph’s product planners can take pride in the fact that there’s no runaway favourite version shaming the rest of the range; the Street Twin, T120, Bobber Black and Speedmaster all vied for the firm’s best-seller spot at different stages during 2018.

1: BMW R1200

Although the generic ‘R1200’ range covers everything from the RT tourer to the naked R and the sporty RT, there’s really one model that accounts for BMW’s position at the top of this list. Of course, it’s the R1200GS. Between them, the GS, GS Adventure and the sub-models including the Rallye, Triple Black, TE and Exclusive account for a vast majority of BMW sales. By the time the full 2018 figures roll in, the newer R1250 might well also be in the top 10, despite only going on sale towards the end of the year, such is the astounding popularity of the model.


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