That's not the finger we'd have given

Motorcyclist gives thumbs-up after getting knocked off his bike

A MOTORCYCLIST rear-ended by a car showed remarkable restraint by giving the driver a thumbs-up. 

A video shows the rider's feet rise into the air when a three-car pile-up sees his Honda CBR205R rammed from behind in stationary traffic. Instead of unleashing a whirlwind of rage, he immediately gives the good-luck gesture to the driver behind, before shaking his hand and saying: 'You alright, mate? Matt, what's your name?'

The rider had seen the driver come to a halt behind him before the pile-up, so knew he wasn't at fault - but we still think he deserves credit for his calmness in the face of adversity.

The helmet camera footage was captured in Canberra, Australia, and uploaded to YouTube by the rider, Matthew Sant.

Sant wrote: 'Travelling along Canberra Avenue towards the city in an 80km/h zone. Traffic had backed up ahead and come to a stop.

'As I came to a stop I checked my mirror and moved to the right of the road in case the car behind wasn't paying attention. I saw him come to a stop and relaxed, looking away. The next thing I knew I was looking at the sky - was the guy three cars back that didn't stop.'

The video has been viewed over 400,000 times and prompted a plea from a motorcycle group for drivers to be more vigilant.

Nicky Hussey, of Australia's Motorcycle Riders Association, said: 'We ought to remind other drivers that we are vulnerable and they need to do the right thing on the roads because it could easily have been a terrible accident, with lots of injuries.

'All road users are entitled to be on the road and therefore everybody has to do their bit to make sure everybody else is safe.'

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