Texting small distraction say motorists

Survey reveals that British motorists are more distracted by other road users than texting on their phone

BRITISH motorists have claimed that mobile phone activity is a small distraction for them whilst driving, according to a recent survey.

In the survey insurer Admiral polled 3,164 motorists with a list of common distractions whilst on the UK roads including changing the radio, other passengers, other road users and speaking or texting on a mobile phone.

In the UK any use of a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal and the results showed this as only a small number of drivers, 10%, said they are distracted by speaking on a mobile phone, 9% said texting was a distraction and 2% answered answering emails and looking at social media.

The largest distraction according to the poll was for other road users at 55%, followed by other passengers and changing the radio (37%), incidents at the side of the road (30%) and children in the back seat (27%).

Overall   Men    Women   
Speaking on a mobile phone10%12%8%
Texting on a mobile phone9%10%8%
Answering emails on a mobile phone2%3%1%
Looking at social media sites on a mobile phone          


Animals in the car10%7%11%
Sat Nav15%17%13%
Changing the radio/CD37%38%37%
Children in the back seat27%24%30%
Other passengers37%36%37%
The temperature controls21%19%23%
Incidents on the side of the road (rubbernecking)30%31%28%
Attractive people19%35%4%
Other road users55%56%53%
None of these17%16%17%

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