Supergran scares off Northampton jewel thieves

6 scooter-mounted would-be crims scared by granny with a big handbag

A granny in Northampton used her handbag to scare off six men, armed with sledgehammers.

In a textbook example of how not to steal anything, the thieves started smashing the window to a jewellers with sledge hammers, while staff inside alerted alarms and activated the automated shutters. Meanwhile, an old lady ran from across the street and started wielding her handbag at the would-be thieves.

Then calamity ensues as the thieves try and escape. Two jump on the back of a scooter, causing the rider to lose control and crash.

Down in London, they use KTM supermotos and get away. Up in Northampton, they choose Vespa and don't.

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