Study: Comfy bike seats could improve erections

New motorbike saddle study dispels 'impotence' rumours

SITTING ON a comfortable motorcycle seat could help erection difficulties - that's the claim being made in a new study.

Last year, Visordown reported how researchers declared there was a possible link between motorbike riding and higher levels of impotence in men.

Well, the latest findings say entirely the opposite: New information said that not all men report lower levels of erectile dysfunction and that some men say that riding motorbikes actually improves it!

Scientists say that having a comfortable motorbike seat which put pressure on the right parts could in fact massage the buttocks and penile area which would arouse pleasurable sensations. Women riding motorbikes have also in been known to experience shimmy-inducing vibrations, which could go some way to explaining why the woman next door is always smiling when I see her out on her Ducati Monster.

So that's cleared that up. Comfortable seat = mucho stiffies.

Now where's that Corbin catalogue?

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