Scooter crime on the rise in London

Soaring levels of thefts, robberies and attacks using stolen scooters

AN INVESTIGATION by BBC London has revealed that scooter crime involving teenagers has risen by more than 600% in the last two years.

According to figures obtained from the Metropolitan Police, there have been more than 7,688 crimes involving scooters to date in London this year – that’s offences like muggings, phone snatchings, attacks and robberies that are committed with a scooter - one that's likely to be stolen. It works out to a rate of about 22 incidents per day.

There were 4,647 such incidents in 2015 and 1,053 in 2014.

Two years ago, the Met police set up Operation Venice to tackle the problem, although based on these figures, it’s clearly not working. Even so, the Metropolitan Police deny this kind of crime is out of control.

The police have a list of 200 people they suspect of scooter-related crime, with many escaping prosecution because of a lack of evidence. The worst affected boroughs in London are named as Islington, Camden and Hackney.

Superintendent Mark Payne, who runs Operation Venice said: ‘I think it's a huge concern because it is a change in criminal behaviour.

‘The fact of the matter is it's much more difficult to deal with people on mopeds than it was people who were committing those sorts of crimes before on foot or on bicycles.’

The police deny that criminals feel that they can escape because of the policy not to pursue riders who aren’t wearing helmet. They also urge scooter owners to use greater security to protect their bikes.


Go and change the law to chase the stealing bastards. Criminals in this country are better protected than victims. Got a bike stored away for weeks which I'm afraid to use after several theft attempts... And is 10 years old common sport model. Bloody pirates and medieval mentality.

It really is about time that criminals were given the punishment that they deserve. People work hard to afford the bikes that they buy and these scum are just taking it with apparent impunity - nobody chases, nobody catches and nobody punishes. I feel for the police who have been handed a policy which is counter-intuitive to most of them in that they are not allowed to give chase for the safety of the criminals - ridiculous. Those that have, face possible charges including manslaughter if something happens to the criminal. It just shows how completely f*cked up our judicial system is. At some point, bikers will take the law into their own hands and the justice will be swift and decisive.

As the problem is London.

BubbaDaytona's picture

Steal $5000 from a bank, you go to jail for 10 years.
Steal a $15000 motorcycle, you pay a fine, no one talks about jail until the third conviction. It pays well to steal bikes. Everyone else subsidizes this with ridiculous insurance rates.
First offence: 6 months weekly forced shower sodomy, then let's look at the theft rates.
No, these are not misunderstood yoofs that just need love and a warm tea.

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