Russian firm granted £190,000 to develop new head-up display helmet

Image is projected directly onto the visor like in a fighter jet helmet, says firm

A RUSSIAN firm has received the equivalent of a £190,000 grant from the Russian Ministry of Science to fund its new head-up display helmet.

Livemap is in the process of developing a voice-controlled helmet which can project see-through GPS navigation directly onto the visor, allowing the rider to keep their eyes on the road.

CEO Andrew Artishchev says the concept is similar to the technology found in modern fighter jets, where a full-colour, translucent picture is projected on the visor in the centre of the rider’s field of view, which Livemap says is where you see best.

Projecting directly onto the visor also eliminates the need for a separate display.

Livemap says the production version will be slightly larger than a conventional helmet to accommodate for the projection hardware and integrated speakers.

Two 3000 mAh batteries power the helmet and will last for a whole day of riding, according to the firm.

A working prototype is planned for release in the spring, followed by a production version going on sale in the United States in summer, which will retail for $2,000 (£1,290). Customers who pre-order now will receive a $500 (£320) discount.

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