Research reveals when car drivers are most likely

Read this if you want to know when best to keep off the road

UK BIKERS would be well advised to stay off the roads at 4-5pm on a Friday afternoon, according to the latest research by Continental tyres. In 2005, there were 2,454 accidents on UK roads between 4-5pm on a Friday " that's 35% more than occurred from 8-9am and nearly 50% more than occurred from 9-10am on Friday mornings.

This risk is even greater now we're into November - the most common month of the year for car crashes, with nearly 10% more accidents occurring than October. With temperatures averaging just 6 degrees Celsius this November and with the sun setting before 4.30pm, motorists are advised to take extra care, but obviously, while more of them are skidding out of control, flying into hedges and crashing into the back of each other, bikers ought to make sure they're not in the way. In total, there are nearly 6,500 more accidents involving cars on the UK's roads in winter compared to summer.

Heavy traffic, poor weather conditions and drivers being tired at the end of the week are factors that will contribute to the sharp increase in accidents on Fridays in November. And whilst drivers can improve their chances on the road by adjusting their driving to suit the winter conditions, Continental advise that they should think about their tyres' performance when the temperature drops below 7°C this month. This is when the compound used in normal car tyres starts to harden, causing the tyres to lose grip on the road. Unlike bikers, car drivers on the whole are not enthusiasts and so don't heed warnings or take as much care over their own safety.

And don't think you're safe on the weekend either. Midday on a Saturday is the time drivers are most likely to have a car crash. One-third more accidents occur at this time, compared to the same time on a Sunday, so if you find yourself out on the bike around Saturday lunch time, do yourself a favour and pull over for a pub lunch. Not that you need an excuse.

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