Pothole to blame for head-on crash into lorry?

Bad riding or bad roads?

FOOTAGE of a motorcyclist lowsiding and then sliding head-on into a lorry has been captured on camera.

The rider is seen taking a wide line around a country road bend before the front end tucks, sending him into the opposite carriageway as an HGV approaches.

At first glance it looks like a clear case of target fixation and panic braking, but on closer inspection, a large pothole can be seen directly on the rider’s path metres before the crash.

The rider managed to escape with only a broken shoulder - his Suzuki GSXR didn’t fare quite as well.

Initially, an investigation was launched by police amid suspicions the lorry driver could be guilty of speeding, dangerous driving and poor lane discipline.

However, the dashboard-mounted ‘SmartWitness Vehicle Accident Camera’, proved he wasn’t to blame for the crash in Rye, East Sussex.

Mark Chamberlain, owner of the lorry and MD of John Jempson and Son, said: ‘You can see on the video that he (the driver) is passed first by a motorcyclist who turned out to be the female partner of the injured rider.’

‘The second rider follows very closely behind her. If you slow the video right down you can see that he hits a pothole and veers over the road into the path of our truck after coming out of a corner.’

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