Police motorcyclist gets £6,500 payout for hearing damage

British Transport Police settle out of court

A FORMER police officer has won a payout of £6,500 after claiming riding the force’s motorcycles caused him hearing damage.

After retiring from the force in 2011 due to a serious traffic accident whilst on duty, Peter Hall, 56, noticed his hearing had deteriorated and he had developed tinnitus - a condition that causes a constant ringing in the ears.

The father-of-three underwent a hearing examination, confirming he had ‘classic industrial hearing loss’ from working with the motorcycles fitted with loud police sirens.

Mr Hall, a constable at Piccadilly in Manchester said: ‘I didn’t realise my hearing was so bad until I left.

‘I met another police motorcyclist from Greater Manchester Police who told me the care they get. Hearing tests every six months, regular breaks, limited time on the bike etcetera.

‘British Transport Police (BTP) didn’t really do anything like that.

‘I will need a hearing aid eventually but I’m trying to delay it for as long as possible.

‘I hope this decision helps protect future BTP employees who go on to the motorbike unit.’

The BTP settled Mr Hall’s case out of court.

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