Pedrosa climbs Mont Blanc

MotoGP Smurf and other racing buddies tackle lofty European peak

DANI PEDROSA, Marc Coma and Hector Barbera have been kicking back in the typical pro-racer's way, by climbing up a huge mountain and across a glacier.
The trio are climbing up Mont Blanc, a height of 4,810 metres having got to the famous peak after crossing a huge glacier at 1,900 metres.

They're up there right now and so far have had three good days of climbing in nearly perfect, sunny climbing conditions but there's worrying weather news on the horizon and the rest of the climb may have to stopped because of the increasingly worsening cold front coming in.

All of the riders are climbing without oxygen and if they can tough out the cold weather coming in (not easy to do when you're sleeping so high up on the side of a mountain) they should make the top next Monday and Tuesday.

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