Oxfordshire speed cameras set to reactivate on April 1st

And no, it's not a joke

OXFORDSHIRE'S recently defunct speed camera system could be back in action by April next year.

The county has seen a 400 per cent rise in speeding offenders at certain locations since the camera network was shut down at the end of July this year. The decision was made to axe the camera system due to financial cutbacks.

Police now want to reactivate both fixed and mobile cameras, having been in negotiation with the county council over the last two months.

New plans for the camera system would see Thames Valley Police taking over the cost and running of the mobile network; a date for re-activation of the system has been earmarked for April 1st.

Oxfordshire County Council would only be responsible for maintaining the fixed camera sites.

A report into the situation reads: "Irrespective of the views on casualty reduction, there is a general concensus that speed caemras do have a deterrent effect on speeding and that their removal would lead to an increase in vehicle speeds.

"Early results from Oxfordshire show increases in the number of speeding offences of up to 400 per cent have been recorded at de-commissioned camera sites."

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