Oi! You spilt my pint!

Boxing ring prevents barroom brawls at US bike meet

Fight night...stops bar room brawling, apparently...

A USA bike club may have figured out how to put a stop to barroom brawls that have a tendency to break out every now and again.

The West Oakland biker club puts would-be troublemakers - and just about anyone else who dares - in a boxing ring, at its clubhouse at 3025 San Pablo Ave.

The club's legendary Friday night Fight Nights have become so popular the motorcycle club has attracted some big-time attention.

Court TV is filming for a possible pilot show, Discovery Channel and Current TV already have aimed their cameras at them and the club will be in an upcoming edition of GQ magazine.

So what's the attraction?

The reason is violence, says Trevor Latham, founder of the East Bay Rats, so named because members own ratty, busted-up bikes.

"There is a violent part in everyone, he said. Fight nights give people a safe place to test their courage," Latham said.

On fight nights, the club turns into a rowdy melting pot of the roughest stew. Guys vs. guys; women vs. women.

That doesn't keep Rats and their guests from being polite, however.

"It's one of the best times I've ever had," said Candace Ho, 23, who had come to support a friend who was bloodied in an earlier bout, but ended up fighting a day earlier than planned.

"It's chaotic but still within reason. That's the reason I would do it " because it's fun," she said.

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