North Wales Speed camera van goes up in flames

“I think quite a few people around here had a bit of a giggle as well,” says amused local

THE LOVELY boys at North Wales Police have launched an investigation after a police speed camera van caught fire in Gwynedd.

Fire crews were alerted to the blaze in Llanllechid near Bethesda, just after 12.30pm on Monday.

Residents in the village told reporters from The Daily Post that the same camera van had been targetting the area for several weeks.

One local, who asked not to be identified, said: “It’s not the first time I’ve seen it here and I can’t think why it is here so often. I’ve noticed the camera window is sometimes open too.

“That’s the funny thing. This road is so narrow you can’t think about speeding. I’ve not heard about anyone being booked for speeding here either.”

Even though Firefighters extinguished the blaze quickly the van was badly damaged in the incident.

Another neighbour said: “The firemen were very quick in putting the fire out but there were just a few smiles on their faces afterwards.

“I think quite a few people around here had a bit of a giggle as well.”

An investigation by fire officers found the blaze was caused by an electrical fault in the van's engine compartment.

North Wales Police are staunch supporters of both fixed and mobile speed cameras.

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